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Did you know?

Asia is a continent of deserts.

While deserts are typically associated with Africa, Asia has a fair share of dry and arid regions. Its largest desert is the Arabian Desert in western Asia, covering the large Arabian Peninsula. Spanning for over two million square kilometers, it is one of the largest deserts in the world with a great volume of sand. The desert is an extension of the Sahara Desert and experiences the same weather patterns with rainfall limited to ten centimeters per year. It is surprising that some wildlife such as: oryx and gazelles, adapted and is able to brave these harsh conditions.

Other large deserts in Asia include the rocky and cold Gobi Dessert, shared by Mongolia and China, the Karakum Desert, the Kyzylkum Desert, the Taklamakan Desert and the Thar Desert. Numerous other smaller deserts add up to a considerable land area. Iran has several deserts considered small individually but together covering almost a quarter of the country. According to some estimates, deserts claim as much as 30% of Asian territory.